The course is open. Please be careful due to difficult ground conditions and keep trollies away from wet areas. No ride -on buggies allowed. Some greens out of play during essential aeration.
Morecambe golf course 2nd hole

From an exposed tee, immediately adjacent to the promenade, the drive is over a raised "hogs-back"fairway into a two tiered flat-bottomed valley. The valley is drained by an open dyke reachable only by the longest hitters. A short or mis-hit drive definitely brings the dyke into play. Midway between the dyke and green are two sand traps with three bunkers guarding the green right and left.

  •  444 ydsPar 4SI 5
  •  432 ydsPar 4SI 5
  •  433 ydsPar 5SI 5