The course is open with no restrictions. This message will apply until conditions change. (updated 17 April at 07:09)
Dress Code
Expected Dress Rules at Morecambe Golf Club

Morecambe Golf Club expects that members/visitors look smart and cleanly presented at all times and maintain a respectable standard of dress both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

The following are NOT considered suitable either on the Course or in the Clubhouse:

  • Beach wear.
  • Track suits, shell suits or football shorts.
  • Cargo or combat trousers with pockets.
  • Gent’s sleeveless or collarless shirts.
  • Training shoes.
  • Golf caps worn back to front or to the side.

Players are encouraged to wear golf attire that can be purchased from Professional Golf Shops.
Tailored shorts to be worn with either “no show” or predominantly light coloured sports socks.
All shorts to be of a respectful (or modest) length.
Sandals without socks may be worn in the Clubhouse after golf but please NO flip flops.
Golf shirts may be worn on the outside if they do NOT have shirt tails.
Golf caps/golf headgear should be removed in the Clubhouse.