The course is open with no restrictions. This message will apply until conditions change. (updated 17 April at 07:09)

Subscription Fees


The Board of Directors have agreed to keep the subscription fee rates the same as this year therefore there will be no increase in fees. At a time when many clubs are increasing subscription fees, we want to thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Morecambe Golf Club. Furthermore after successfully negotiating with our current Insurance provider, all memberships will include Members Worldwide Insurance Cover.

The Board also agreed a major expenditure plan to upgrade machinery for the golf course as well as improvements to the Clubhouse.

Course Improvements 

In coming weeks the club will be purchasing a new tractor with a front loader. This will replace our old machine that is no longer fit for purpose both mechanically and on health and safety grounds. Furthermore in the New Year the club will be further purchasing a new fairway mower and three-wheel drive greens mower.

Given the age of our current fairway mower being over eight years old, we are continually having to replace parts and the quality of cut has suffered. The new mower will increase the quality of cut with improved, reinforced blades as well as helping control worm casts on the course due to a grass collection box fitted.

Our current greens mower fleet includes two mowers currently three years old and six years old with both mowers being two-wheel drive only. With both mowers being two-wheel drive only, this severely limits use in the autumn and winter periods. As a result purchasing a three-wheel drive mower will ensure we are able to cut the greens all year round. Added to this, we do not have cutting units for tees (7 bladed) therefore we will be purchasing the new mower with tee cylinders. These will be swapped with the greens cylinders on the newer, existing mower which has had the greens cylinders recently replaced. Doing this will improve the cutting quality on both the greens and tees.

Ahead of the 2018 season there will also be further additions to our buggy fleet with a new two seater buggy replacing one buggy needing significant repair work and two single seat buggies. The single seat buggies will help prolong the golf season for those who require a buggy to play the course.

Ahead of the 2019 season, the club will be looking to further purchase a new surrounds mower and a 4x4 utility vehicle.

Clubhouse Refurbishment

In line with the course machinery improvements, the Board has agreed to refurbish the men’s toilets and shower rooms as well the visitors’ locker room. This refurbishment will include new fixtures and fittings, a new entrance door to the men’s shower room from the men’s locker room and new flooring with floor to ceiling tiles. The refurbishment will start early next year.   

As part of the ongoing Clubhouse Improvement Programme the Board is further looking into the replacement of the Clubhouse furniture and re-tarmacing the bottom car park.

 2018 Fixture Diary

Provisional copies of 2018 Fixture Diary are available to collect from the Gillow Table in the Clubhouse Entrance. Please note fixtures are subject to change.