Morecambe Golf Club

Men's Medal Open

Saturday 4th June 2022, White Tees, Morecambe Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

Men's Open Medal 4th June 2022


Many Thanks to everyone who played today and Congratulations to all the winners. An Account will be set up in the shop for you to spend your winnings in the Professional Shop. There were 7 twos at £23.42 per two

Best Gross-Daily Telegraph Trophy

D.Bolton 69 Gross

Winning £80.00

Best Nett-Coporation Trophy

A.Lamberti 72-9-63

Winning £80.00

1st Division Winners up to and including 12 Playing Handicap

1st P.Darwen 79-11-68

Winning £80.00

2nd B.Shield 77-7-70

Winning £60.00

3rd S.Cornthwaite 79-8-71 acpo

Winning £40.00

4th L.Woodcock 79-8-71

Winning £20.00

2nd Division Winners 13 to 28 Playing Handicap

1st A.Lunan 92-28-64

Winning £80.00

2nd M.Harris 89-22-67

Winning £60.00

3rd G.Gardner 89-20-69

Winning £40.00

4th E.Mendaro 87-15-72

Winning £20.00

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

The Pro-shop Team

Download Away Letter View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st Alfaro Alonso-Lamberti(9)  Lancaster63
2nd Andrew Lunan(28) 64
3rd Malcolm V Harris(22) 67
4th Paul Darwen(11) 68
5th Graham Gardner(20)  Sedbergh Golf Club69
6th Daniel Bolton(0)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club69
7th Ben N Shield(7) 70
8th Stuart Cornthwaite(8)  Lancaster71
9th Louis Woodcock(8)  Renishaw Park71
10th Ben Johnstone(1)  Eden Golf Club71
11th Karl Ramalli(10)  Preston Golf Club72
12th Enrique Medina Mendaro(15)  Lancaster72
13th Tom Kelly(7)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club72
14th William Morris(22) 72
15th John Copperwaite,(8)  Branshaw Golf Club73
16th Gary Prentice(3)  Dewsbury District73
17th Mick O'Neill(9)  Branshaw Golf Club73
18th Tony Dyer(10)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club73
19th Michael North(2) 74
20th John M McGinley(13) 74
21st Jamie J Turver(4) 74
22nd Robert Weir(1)  74
23rd Aaron Winder(4) 74
24th Stuart Cox(18)  Gathurst Golf Club75
25th Darren O'Driscoll(8)  Branshaw Golf Club75
26th Neil Wilkes(15)  Wychwood Park75
27th Cameron Hirst(5) 75
28th Michael Abberley(3)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club75
29th Ian C Nickson(10) 75
30th Mark Bramhall(28) 75
31st Thomas Alexander(18)  76
32nd David Hirst(14)  Branshaw Golf Club76
33rd Nicholas Birch(19)  Market Drayton76
34th George Nightingale(3)  Clitheroe Golf Club76
35th Tony Prada(21) 76
36th Glenn Wellard(10)  Fleetwood76
37th Oliver Hirst-Greenham(0) 76
38th Gerald Cavanagh(12)  Oxley Park76
39th Dean Bould(11) 76
40th Julian Holchaks(9) 77
41st Tony Cain(8) 77
42nd Alex Leishman(5)  77
43rd Paul McMullen(8)  Stand77
44th Mike Barnes(14)  Fleetwood77
45th John Feather(20) 78
46th Ian O'Neill,(17)  Branshaw Golf Club78
47th Harry Dyer(19)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club78
48th Steven J Neilan(6) 78
49th Richard Sunderland(7)  Branshaw Golf Club79
50th Gordon Ashworth(12)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club79
51st Jordan Hammond(5)  Dewsbury District79
52nd James Shankly(11)  80
53rd Richard Anderson(7)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club80
54th Paul Woodcock(15)  Kendal Golf Club80
55th Stephen Brown(4)  80
56th Jack Alder(10)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club80
57th William Thompson(15)  81
58th Garry Byrne(18) 81
59th Owen Bailey(12)  Branshaw Golf Club81
60th Daniel Boyles(6)  Wychwood Park81
61st Andrew Salanyk(12)  Branshaw Golf Club81
62nd Ian Shackleton(10)  Branshaw Golf Club82
63rd Geoff Marshall(17)  Lansil Sports82
64th Peter Cavanagh(25)  Wychwood Park83
65th Jim Clayton(9)  Fleetwood84
66th Andrew Moorby(8)  Branshaw Golf Club84
67th Colin Suthers(18) 84
68th Darren Minor(9)  Wychwood Park84
69th Steve Hindle(8)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club85
70th Daniel Cox(17)  Gathurst Golf Club85
71st Ian Robert Reid(19) 86
72nd Alan Whittingham(21)  Fairhaven Golf Club87
73rd Barrie Riding(14)  Lytham Green Drive Golf Club89
74th Rob Sheard(15)  Lansil Sports97
75th David Brunskill(17)  Branshaw Golf Club100
76th Tony Wade(20) NR
77th Paul Halpin(6) NR
78th Jason Harris(15) NR
79th Dean Lynam(18)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
80th Dave Allen(18) NR
81st Robert Lynch(2)  NR
82nd Jim Reid(2)  NR

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