Morecambe Golf Club

Men's Medal Open

Saturday 27th May 2023, White Tees, Morecambe Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

Men's Medal Open 27th May 2023

Best Nett - Coporation Tropy

Winner - P.McAllister - 64 Nett - £100

Best Gross - Daily Telegraph Trophy

Winner - J.Gillespie - 70 Gross - £100

Division 1

1st - M.Broadley - £100

2nd - B.Shield - £80

3rd - B.Penny - £60

4th - D.Horrocks - £40


Division 2

1st - M.Gadani - £100

2nd - P.Morey - £80

3rd - P.Goymer - £60

4th - M.Kirby - £40


Two's = £33.33 per two


Congratulations to all the prize winners today! We hope you have enjoyed your day & hope to see you back at Morecambe Golf Club again soon!

(All prizes, including two's are given as credit, to be spent in the Professional Shop)

The Professional Shop

View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st Paul McAllister(18) 64
2nd Manish Gadani(17) 67
3rd Mark Broadley(11) 68
4th Ben N Shield(4) 69
5th Benjamin Penny(10) 69
6th David Horrocks(12)  Gathurst Golf Club70
7th David Jolleys(9) 70
8th Peter Morey(27) 70
9th John Copperwaite,(7)  Branshaw Golf Club71
10th Philip Goymer(16) 71
11th Mike Kirby(27) 71
12th Paul A Tattersall(13) 71
13th Stephen Ecob(28) 71
14th Richard Pemberton(23) 72
15th Mathew Saville(6)  Bolton Old Links Golf Club72
16th James Gillespie(-2) 72
17th Michael North(1) 72
18th Mike Ashby(15) 73
19th Josh Horton(22) 73
20th Simon Wilcock(11)  Houghwood73
21st Lee Mitchell(10)  Haydock Park Golf Club73
22nd John Brookwell(12)  Hart Common73
23rd Peter Booth(20)  Windermere Golf Club73
24th Zac Ashworth(4)  Clitheroe Golf Club73
25th Shaun McGillycuddy(14)  Chorley Golf Club74
26th Duncan Silverwood(28) 74
27th Estevan Silva(10)  Woburn74
28th Johnny Martin(21)  Silloth on Solway Golf Club74
29th Adam I Chester(-3) 74
30th Roger Scanlon(17) 74
31st James Ferguson(14) 75
32nd Stuart Cornthwaite(9)  Heysham Golf Club75
33rd David Shaw(19) 75
34th Darren John McGonnell(21) 75
35th Malcolm W Partington(21) 75
36th Simon Holloway(18) 75
37th Malcolm V Harris(27) 75
38th John A Hodgson(8) 75
39th Michael H Benson(11) 76
40th Garry Byrne(19) 76
41st David Cousins(23) 76
42nd Colin Holt(18) 76
43rd George Story(12)  Silloth on Solway Golf Club76
44th Steve Wojciechowicz(20) 76
45th Michael Fisher(18) 76
46th Stuart McGrath(0)  Hart Common76
47th Steven M Chester(-2) 77
48th Peter Reynolds(10) 77
49th Andrew Salanyk(10)  Branshaw Golf Club77
50th Roy Illingworth(22) 77
51st ALAN RATHBONE(5)  Hart Common77
52nd Richard Sunderland(9)  Branshaw Golf Club77
53rd Mick O'Neill(8)  Branshaw Golf Club77
54th John Rigby(28)  Hart Common78
55th Sean Kyle(10) 78
56th Matthew Thomas(16) 78
57th Josh Hall(3)  Appleby Golf Club78
58th Stephen Jackson(14) 78
59th Anthony Connor(22)  Gathurst Golf Club79
60th Matthew Kavanagh(14) 79
61st Steve Hamblett(18)  Heysham Golf Club79
62nd Paul Lees(19)  Chorley Golf Club80
63rd Paul Harrison(11) 80
64th Simon Penny(16) 80
65th Kelvin John Downham(16) 80
66th Kevin Wooldridge(9)  Carlisle80
67th Antony Lund(6)  Appleby Golf Club80
68th Cameron Wood(0)  Whitehaven80
69th Jamie J Turver(2) 80
70th Ronnie Morrow(12) 80
71st Sam Cody(6) 80
72nd Raymond P Moores(11) 80
73rd Mike Hanson(-1) 80
74th David Hirst(15)  Branshaw Golf Club81
75th Joshua Richardson(2)  Appleby Golf Club81
76th Mark Rees(15)  Herons' Reach Golf Club81
77th Ian Shackleton(13)  Branshaw Golf Club82
78th Allan Bewley(10)  Penrith82
79th Julian Holchaks(10) 82
80th Glen Riding(23) 82
81st Paul Halpin(8) 82
82nd Michael O'Hara(21) 82
83rd Joe Coulthard(23) 82
84th Mark Gilbertson(5)  Carlisle84
85th Corey Boothe(21)  Wigan Golf Club84
86th Graham Gardner(15)  Sedbergh Golf Club85
87th Andrew Mark Taylor(9) 85
88th Graeme Needham(15) 85
89th Darren O'Driscoll(10)  Branshaw Golf Club85
90th David Brunskill(16)  Branshaw Golf Club88
91st Colin Seward(20)  Branshaw Golf Club88
92nd Joseph Hansson(21)  Heysham Golf Club88
93rd Ian O'Neill,(16)  Branshaw Golf Club90
94th David John Beckingham(25) NR
95th Ian Feather(12)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
96th David Ashton(13)  North ManchesterNR
97th Owen Bailey(14)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
98th Jake Sanders(9)  LancasterNR
99th Christopher Birtle(10)  PenrithNR
100th Simon Boothman(19) NR
101st Christopher Brown(0) NR
102nd Anthony Green(12)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
103rd Dean Lynam(20)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
104th Andrew Moorby(9)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
105th Martin Pearson(14) NR
106th Beeby Bell(16)  Silloth on Solway Golf ClubNR
107th Drew Bowness(28)  Windermere Golf ClubNR
108th Michael Fishwick(28) NR
109th David McGrath(18)  Clitheroe Golf ClubNR
110th Peter Russell(22)  Branshaw Golf ClubNR
111th Tony Prada(21) NR
112th Alan Hankinson(24)  Hart CommonNR
113th Michael Patrick Connor(13)  Gathurst Golf ClubNR
114th Thomas McGillycuddy(1)  Hart CommonNR

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