Morecambe Golf Club

John Glover Trophy Open

Wednesday 7th July 2021, White Tees, Morecambe Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

John Glover Trophy 2021 Results

John Glover Trophy (Overall Best Gross) - D.Tanner - 73 Gross - £100


Wentworth Plate (Overall Best Nett) -  P.Webb - 65 Nett -£100


Age Goup 55-59

Best Gross - M.Carney - 74 Gross - £80

Best Nett - N.Melvin - 70 Nett - £80


Age Goup 60-64

Best Gross - J.Lee - 74 Gross - £80

Best Nett - C.Gaskell - 67 Nett - £80


Age Goup 65-69

Best Gross - C.Millar - 75 - £80

Best Nett - M.Verity - 65 Nett - £80


Age Goup 70+

Best Gross - K.Stafford - 77 Gross - £80

Best Nett - G.Bond - 66 Nett - £80


Two's = £20 per player

All prize money, including two's, to be used in the Professional Shop.


We would like to thank everyone today for supporting Morecambe Golf Club, we hope you all enjoyed your day!

Download Away Letter View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

1st Paul Webb(21)  Dean Wood65
2nd Michael Verity(19) 65
3rd Graeme Bond(28) 66
4th Rory Callan(14) 66
5th Chris Gaskell(15)  Haydock Park Golf Club67
6th Duncan Silverwood(28) 67
7th Alan Crookall(23) 67
8th Mike Kirby(27) 68
9th David Baxter(16) 69
10th christopher millar(6)  Southport & Ainsdale69
11th John Lee(5)  Blackpool North Shore Golf Club69
12th Steven J Neilan(7) 69
13th Mike Ashby(15) 70
14th Nick Melvin(5)  Manchester70
15th Adrian Tallon(13)  Pleasington Golf Club70
16th Mike Carney(4) 70
17th Alan Regan(22) 70
18th Kenneth Stafford(7)  Manchester70
19th Richard Pemberton(19) 70
20th Paul Darwen(11) 70
21st Ronnie Morrow(12) 71
22nd Geoff Forrest(29) 71
23rd David Sowerbutts(20) 71
24th Sean McNamara(17) 71
25th Clint Jolley(11)  Silverdale71
26th Simon Parker(13)  Rossendale Golf Club71
27th Michael H Benson(9) 71
28th Philip Goymer(14) 71
29th J D Oliver(23) 72
30th Keith Strachan(17) 72
31st Tony Prada(22) 72
32nd John Whetstone(5)  Ulverston Golf Club72
33rd Peter Thornton(10) 72
34th Neil Chambers(2)  Preston Golf Club72
35th Steven Richardson(7)  Knott End Golf Club72
36th John Richard Hodgson(16) 72
37th David Tanner(1)  Bolton Golf Club72
38th Paul D. Williams(3)  Hillside72
39th Christopher Grundy(4)  Hillside72
40th David Hughes(9)  Ashton-in-Makerfield72
41st Paul Creighton(18)  Stony Holme73
42nd Simon Poucher(10)  Sale Golf Club73
43rd Mark Hainsworth(10)  Baildon Golf Club73
44th Andrew Parker(14) 73
45th Paul Wood(9) 73
46th John Feather(21) 73
47th Graham Hewitt(28) 73
48th Ian Lumb(5)  Blundells Hill Golf Club74
49th Sean Kyle(10) 74
50th Phil Newhouse(25)  Kendal Golf Club74
51st Robbie Bain(21) 74
52nd David Dale(25) 74
53rd Rob Godley(1)  Hillside74
54th Paul Dransfield(10)  Dukinfield74
55th David Wood(25) 74
56th ian JOHN cunningham(9)  Manchester75
57th paul robertson(15)  Huyton & Prescot75
58th Ian McCullough(16)  Stony Holme75
59th P Sheridan(9)  Bootle75
60th Michael BIRTWISTLE(13)  Rossendale Golf Club75
61st Stephen McTegart(15)  Blundells Hill Golf Club75
62nd Keith H Morley(8) 75
63rd Dominic King(9)  Pike Fold75
64th Neil Simpson(11)  Sale Golf Club75
65th Ian Robert Reid(20) 75
66th Martyn Senior(9)  Hesketh Golf Club75
67th Roger Ditchfield(29) 75
68th Malcolm Sanders(16)  East Bierley76
69th Derek Smart(8)  76
70th Michael Fisher(15) 76
71st Brendan Leighton(15)  Macclesfield Golf Club77
72nd David Sumner(15) 77
73rd Paul McAllister(20) 78
74th Paul Jackson(10)  Alder Root78
75th Michael Henderson(6)  78
76th michael bradshaw(7)  Knott End Golf Club79
77th Neil Webster(8)  Ulverston Golf Club79
78th Greg Lomax(17)  Rossendale Golf Club79
79th Les Corner(19)  Brookdale Golf Club79
80th Stephen Frankland(18) 80
81st David Thomson(20)  Stony Holme80
82nd Gary Maddock(12)  Haydock Park Golf Club81
83rd Ged Higgins(11)  Pike Fold82
84th Jonathan Crickmore(17)  Kirkby Valley82
85th Paul Smith(13)  Blundells Hill Golf Club84
86th Brian James(26) 86
87th Colin Armstrong(12)  Chorley Golf Club87
88th Anthony Wilson(17) 90
89th William Morris(24) 90
90th David Regan(29) NR
91st John Cronshaw(23) NR
92nd Ian Graham(8)  Barnard CastleNR
93rd John F Wheeler(14) NR
94th Mark Broadley(10) NR
95th Andrew Gibson(18) NR
96th Simon Bithell(16)  Poulton-le-Fylde Golf ClubNR
97th Paul Tallon(12)  Kendal Golf ClubNR
98th Peter Darwen(25) NR
99th Peter Eccles(28)  Longridge Golf ClubNR
100th Stuart Ellison(17)  Accrington & District Golf ClubNR
101st Andrew Walmsley(12)  Clitheroe Golf ClubNR

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